Our Goats
Our dairy goats have come to our farm from smaller mobs from around the south West of Western Australia. The alpine breeds predominate, Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine, as these breeds convert feed into high quality milk efficiently for most of the year. These particular goat breeds have a body type that is suited to a long healthy life on the farm. We also keep two Alpacas as guardians of the goats.

Our goats’ diet consists largely of paddock feed, grain and hay grown on our farm or close to home. Soaked lupins provide protein and energy for the goat’s rumen (gut flora), Barley and oats provide carbohydrate while oaten hay, dry grass and browse, such as black wattle, leaves and twigs, provide much needed fibre, creating a balanced diet.

Each year does are mated in autumn for kidding in spring time. This may account for the seasonal fluctuations in the availability of our milk, yoghurt and cheese products.