Our hand crafted goat cheese
Cheese from Bookara Goat Dairy is hand made. We use fresh milk from our own goats and add the finest cultures, some Western Australian salt and lots of tender loving care. The results are natural wholesome foods, rich in flavour and goodness. Our products include:

Bookara goat dairy Curd (cream cheese)

a smooth textured, soft cheese with a lightly acid aftertaste. Our curd is not gamey “goaty” in flavour the secret being the freshness of our milk at the point of cheese making. This is a very versatile product with uses in sweet or savoury dishes.

Bookara Goat Dairy Haloumi

is the first cheese we made and remains a signature cheese in our range. A moist haloumi handled with great care throughout production, but especially in the stage when the curds and whey are being separated. The end product is haloumi that fries to a crisp golden brown with a surprisingly soft texture; the haloumi is packaged in a salt-water brine solution, not too salty. Just add the juice of a freshly squeezed lime over our haloumi for a fabulous compliment to its lightly salty taste.

Bookara Goat Dairy Ricotta

is a fresh uncomplicated cheese used with great effect by our customers to make fresh gnocchi, ravioli filling and in old favourites like pikelets and scrambled eggs.

Bookara Goat Dairy Yogurt

is a probiotic containing light creamy textured yoghurt good in a curry or on your breakfast cereal.

Bookara Goat Dairy Feta

whilst still being a young cheese without a heavy gamey taste, our Persian Feta is a soft cheese rich with the taste of local Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Very few fetas on the market use natural olive oil as a preserving agent. Our olive oil sets hard in the refrigerator, allowing this product to be used as an enticing spread on crusty bread, or crumbled over a crisp green salad.